Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I never want more money. Ever.

So I got kicked out of a certain military spouses facebook group. Knowing me, I'm sure yall are assuming that I said something stupid or offensive, but I swear I tried my best not to... This dumb girl was talking about how she doesnt understand why the military pay freeze is such a big deal.. For those of you that dont know, Obama and his crew are attempting to freeze military pay, take away pay increases even with promotion and raise copays/deductibles for tricare members. In the civilian world, people get increases in pay every year just for the fact that the cost of living goes up. So now, our husbands are supposed to sacrifice more than everyone else, live far from home, put their lives on the line AND not get extra benefits?!? Unless you count the mold in our army issued home to be a benefit... in that case, we are getting much more than most people. So this bimbo broad starts talking about how we all need to learn to save our money better so that we do not need the extra cash... I explained to her that it has NOTHING to do with being broke or not! She felt like it was patriotic or something to let them keep part of our pay... ugh. Next thing you know, my commenting privileges were revoked. Perhaps it was my comment about how we should break into everyones house that is on welfare, take their drugs and sell them.. that would get this country on the right track financially. Whatever.

On another note, can someone please tell me why my only bathroom is up a set of 20 stairs?!? Way to go military housing. Honestly. Why would you even build that piece of junk?!? Sometimes its not worth taking a piss. Im sincerely considering wearing diapers just to save myself from sore leg muscles by the end of the day. Not to mention my heart problems... my heart is stopping for 4 seconds multiple times a day. Ive been advised to never be alone... but going up a staircase just to pee totally makes sense. ughhhhh. Whats even better is my primary care dr diagnosed this as "chronic fatigue" before sending me to a cardiologist. HAHAHAHAHAHA im done. lol

Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Morning

Ya know, Monday's have always been my least favorite day of the week. Something about alarm clocks, getting out of bed and going to work just doesn't make me happy. But you just don't understand the depth of Monday morning shittyness until you live in Alaska.

I woke up this morning to my husband freaking out. He was going to be late to PT because his car wouldn't start. Kinda weird being that our cars are well taken care of. So what was the problem? The car was frozen. Now I've lived in Maryland my entire life and it gets pretty freaking cold there. Funny thing, THE CAR NEVER FROZE!!! I'm not saying that there was never ice or snow on my car, but the vehicle itself being frozen to the extent that it wont turn on?! That's just absurd. Sooo I got out of bed at 5:45 AM and drove my husband to work...

But the chaos was just beginning...

I had to leave for work at 7 AM, figuring that was plenty of time to drive 13 miles before my 8 AM work day started. Ha, think again. I realize as soon as I get on the highway that unless I was born in an igloo, driving in an Alaskan winter is as dangerous as swimming in a Florida swamp. No exaggeration, there must be 5 inches of snow on the roads, covered by ice. The speed limit says 65, but common sense says put it in park. I guess I just don't get it. In Maryland, there are constantly snow plows and salt trucks busting their asses to keep the roads clear. Here, its survival of the dumbest. I guess whoever is most used to driving on snow gets where they are going the quickest, especially if they are trying to go to heaven.  Now, I haven't bought the $600 tires necessary to drive in this weather but I'm assuming that they don't do much good. It was like a war zone on the highway. The people of Alaska Vs. Mother Nature and lack of State help. People were sliding all over the highway, spinning in complete circles and even playing real live bumper cars AND THEN ACTING LIKE THEY HADNT JUST HIT ANOTHER PERSON! I had a jackass behind me riding my ass as if that would make me speed up! Public announcement to this guy and mindless assholes like him: I like my life and I won't die so that you can drive 55 mph rather than 45. Your Starbucks can wait! (I didn't have the nerve to say this to him because Alaskans all have guns, known fact... And we were going 45 on the highway in a winter wonderland which is not the prime time to hold a conversation/ argument).  You would think that Alaska, which is clearly where Santa lives, would figure out that it is NOT safe to drive down a ski slope. I've seen Ice Road Truckers on T.V and determined that I should pave my career path in a different direction. Instead, I have to be an ice road trucker to get to my alternate job choice. Ugh. As if being 5,000 miles from home wasn't hard enough...