Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I know that I normally joke about everything but this is something that has seriously been weighing on me...

Why doesn't anyone take marriage seriously anymore? I grew up in a home with both of my parents who are madly in love with each other. Sure, the two of them argued and sometimes would have fights but at the end of the day, they were both always there and always had each others best interest at heart. I watched them argue more about each wanting to give more to the other than anything else. They would always insist on each others happiness before their own. When we first got to Alaska, we soon realized that most people here were not in the type of relationships we would want to be in. Our neighbors all sleep with each other, some with their partners consent. Many of our friends quickly admitted that they cheat on their spouses and those that didn't admit it made it very obvious. Jared is constantly made uncomfortable in his office by a soldier who always talks about wanting to "bang" other girls and constantly says how hot they are. It's as if these are casual things to talk about... people find it so normal that they do not even consider the fact that they are making those around them uncomfortable... Jared is an easy going, non judgmental person and he actually says that this guy is a complete shit bag. On TV we are constantly seeing people cheating on their spouses on Jersey Shore and Teen Mom. You could argue that they aren't married but they are in fact supposed to be committed to each other. Sister Wives is altogether creepy... Can you imagine sharing your significant other with 3 other people?! What happened to faithfulness, loyalty and trust that marriage is supposed to offer? Last night on the Millionaire Matchmaker, Patty discouraged two people to go out on a date. They didn't listen... There ended up being a very heavy set, rich girl, with a very shallow, gold digging guy. They didn't care though. They knew that it would not work for them but money and looks were on the top of their priority lists. They were willing to settle because their standard of what a relationship should be is so low. I am honestly taken back everyday by the behavior that I see in my own neighborhood, tv, internet and magazines... but when you sit down and really think about it, this is not what marriage is supposed to look like. When you commit yourself to someone, legally or not, you should be there for them through thick and thin. Their feelings should mean everything to you and not hurting them or breaking the sanctity of your relationship should be far superior to getting laid by someone who seems sexually appealing. If you're not able to be loyal, then tell the other person that. Quit being a lying piece of dirt... This is my official public announcement: from here on out, if you cheat on your significant other and brag to me about it, I WILL TELL THEM! You being a piece of shit should not put weight on my shoulders and conscience! I kind of feel sorry for those of you that are in these relationships. Jared was just saying last night that we are a unique case for this day and age.. we love spending time together. We spend every free second with each other... we wait hours to eat together and would rather give to each other than take for ourselves. If you would rather eat the last cookie or drink the last soda than watch your husband/wife enjoy it (or even share it!), you need to rethink things... if you would rather be unfaithful, lie and cheat, you need a divorce.

End of rant :)


  1. Good rant boo face :) I don't get how people are like that. I don't see how any amount of respect loyalty or love less than what we have for eachother is claimed to be a marriage. Blows my mind. No wonder people get divorces all the time. So much lies secrecy ulterior motives bullshit unfaithfulness disrespect etc etc. It shouldn't matter if the other person finds out. There shouldn't be a worry of getting caught. There should be no desire to do anything. Ever. If they do, they shouldn't be marriend. Period.

  2. Marriage nowadays is more a legal thing than a love thing... sad to say.

    Bryan and I don't have a piece of paper saying that we're married yet but we're totally faithful to each other. You don't need a piece of paper to make a marriage legit except for legal reasons. People who cheat will cheat whether or not there's a piece of paper because the piece of paper doesn't change a person magically. Think about the couples who get married just because a girl gets pregnant. A baby doesn't change who you are. If you're a cheater, you're a cheater. The word marriage no longer just means love and honesty and loyalty, it just becomes something people do because they think they're supposed to whether they are ready or not.

    About the cute little cookie part though... Bryan said something cute right before Christmas. He said that he no longer looks forward to Christmas to see what he'll get, he looks forward to it so he can see my reaction to the things that he gives me. I'm Jewish but it's still so cute!
    That's love.

  3. Good for you! You are so right, it is pathetic how people who are supposedly in "committed" relationships act these days. I have always told my friends that I have a policy on cheating: If I find out you are cheating on your s/o, I WILL tell them, because nobody deserves that kind of betrayal.