Thursday, January 27, 2011

Going Bat Shit Crazy

The last two days have made me feel like I am a complete mental case. I've considered that possibly I am living in the twilight zone or did an illegal drug without intending to, but at the end of the day I am either nuts or the entire rest of the world is.

It started yesterday...

I was sitting in my office minding my own business when the maintenance guy came in to tell me that my car had been hit. The lady who backed into my car had left the scene but he had gotten me all of her information. I called the police and after our 30 minute meeting in the snow, they went to the address that was associated with the vehicle. Turns out, the car was registered to a dead guy and the house was empty. Sooo, being me, I walked around the entire building insisting that someone must have information on who was driving that ugly red truck. Finally, a secretary at one of the law offices told me that it matched up with one of their clients and gave the lady a call. Within seconds I got a call from the driver, who yelled AT ME, claiming that there was no damage to my car. After she came and met up with me and the police, I showed her the massive dent that she put in my/ Jareds car. (I don't know whose dang car it is because its his but I drive it and he drives "mine") she tries to convince the officer and I that it is not illegal to hit and run if you did not think you caused damage.


Today started off fine... Until I woke up. I have this stupid heart monitor that I have to wear for another freaking month because the heart doctor did not fix my heart during surgery... I have not worn it in a week (or so) because I am sooo freaking allergic to the sticky things. Today, I decided to try and put it on with the sensitive skin ones for babies that they just sent me. After about 30 tries and a lot of wasted sticky things I realized that they don't actually stick... which is probably why no one is allergic to them. Anyway, I called the heart monitor place to ask them what to do next and they said that this typically happens in hot climates... WHAT? I'M IN ALASKA! ITS NOT HOT! They also said that sometimes the stickies don't work on "larger" people. okkkk at this point I am sort of flattered because I have NEVER and I mean NEVER been referred to as a "larger" anything... Well, maybe a larger bitch.. but thats not the point. During the entirety of my phone call with these jackasses they referred to me as Maria. After 15 corrections, I gave up. Whoever Maria is, she must be fat, in a ridiculously warm climate area and have the same shitty heart thing that I do.

I literally think that I am going bat shit crazy. If there is not an actual definition for that yet, there should be.


  1. Well if it makes you feel better your not the only one. The snow, knocked out our power last night, of course we have a generator because no power= no water and no heat. So the powers out but the back yard looks beautiful because the landscaping lights are shining up the trees and lighting up the snow flakes as they fall; however, the toilets in my house don't work. So i am not sure if the person either knew what he was doing and thought that it would be funny to hook the outside lights up to the generator or that the guy was so stupid that he didn't know what he was hooking up. So not power for, i think 3 days is what BG and E said but our landscaping looks fantastic.

  2. ROFL! Poor Maria! Gah! I love your blogs hehehe! Sorry things are shitty, hope they get better soon!!