Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dog Poop

Apparently when the snow falls and there is no more dog poop, it is only hiding it. The poo is still there even though you aren't able to see it. It's like an illusion... Quite a shocker when you wake up to the snow melting and a yard fool of poop...All of a sudden BAM its there. Even funnier that everyones yard looks the same. We just filled 7 trash bags full of crap. No exaggeration. That was my fun for the day. It was even more fun when we went to wal-mart to get a pooper scooper and Jared told the cashier it was for him because our toilet is broken...

I hope everyones day is filled with less poo than ours :)


  1. You totally make me LOL! Plus the pic...priceless!!

  2. Your poop journalism is your best writing, without a doubt. You should consider only scooping poop at night when you can just toss the nuggets in the neighbor's yard.

    /s/Anxiously Puckering at the Sphincter