Monday, January 3, 2011

Star Students

I absolutely love taking classes online. I have the flexibility to go to class around my hectic schedule and take school with me anywhere. However, it becomes difficult when your only participation points come from conversing with your uneducated, brain lacking classmates. Each week, it is required for participation that each student answers 3 of the discussion questions with 200 word answers and then converses back and forth with answers of at least 100 words with other classmates. This would be much MUCH much easier if my classmates didn't respond to my answers with crap like "yo, dis a good point". Not only am I confident that they are receiving a failing grade, but my answers end up looking like " I am glad that you find this point to be helpful. It is important in school to find your classmates useful. Often, your peers are a vital tool in academic success and can be a top resource..." Is that 100 words?! HOW DO YOU ANSWER SUBSTANTIALLY TO THAT NONSENSE?!!?! UGHHHHHH Don't get me wrong... I would not make fun of my fellow classmates for simply being stupid. Okay, I would, but that is not what I am doing right now. I am arguing the fact that they are terrible direction followers and should just drop out of school now. As a matter of fact, I am not sure what gave them the idea that they should ever enroll in the first place. The thing that really gets me is when I find out that they are older than my mom and still not able to follow a simple direction of "answer in at least 100 words, adding to the topic that your classmate wrote about". I actually have had classmates call me the "Wo-man". I am not sure if this is a compliment or a personal attack, but who really gives a rats behind?! It's not a social networking site and I am in no way interested in impressing these morons. The really frustrating part is when the professor messages me asking why my answers get shorter as the week goes on... REALLY? As if she could even come up with 100 words to respond that nonsense...


  1. That post cracked me up, that is exactly the kind of frustration that I experienced in college. It is one thing for them to simply be kind of dumb, but if they just refuse to even try, it makes intelligent dialogue pretty much impossible, lol.

  2. LOL! Dats wut ya mean, yo! ROFL! Wow, I think I'd flip if people wrote like that for an assignment. I'd attempt to use really big words in my response so they would be like..yo, wut dat mean. HAHAHHAHAHA

  3. Dayum gurl. U's harsh. I be tryin to get dem good grades so I can pimp out my corolla.